They Found a True ‘Diamond in the Ruff’ When Rescue Sophie Arrived

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In the shelter world, sometimes you really don’t know what to expect, or what not to expect! In August, we received this little toy breed from a family that could no longer care for her. We knew under all those mats that we would find a true gem, a diamond in the ruff as we say! How could your heart strings not tug at something so precious and so deserving of a much better life? We just had to get passed all the mats, the painful overgrown toenails, and give her a good dental cleaning.

rescue toy dog mats grooming
Photo: Siouxland Humane Society

After a good grooming, a bath, some sprucing up and, of course, lots of TLC, how could she not feel like Sophia Loren? Lights, camera, action! It’s Clear the Shelter and it is time for this beauty to shine, and boy did she ever!

Sophie’s new mom, Mrs. Rohlf, had been searching for a pet that she could give a fur-ever loving home to. Someone to spoil, love, and have as a companion to keep her company. We really don’t know who was happier, Sophie or Mrs. Rohlf.

rescue toy dog mats grooming
Siouxland Humane Society

In the end, all that mattered was that their paths had crossed for a reason. Whether it’s to start a new journey, find companionship, or rescue someone in need, it’s a true blessing when a shelter pet can be seen for the true gem that they are!

During the Clear the Shelter event, there were many matches made but, this one truly stood out to us. Going from rags to riches, this gal truly hit the jackpot in more ways than one! Finding a soul mate, someone who offers nothing but unconditional love, and saving a life? That is a win-win situation any way you look at it. Wishing the best that life has to offer to this loving duo!

Story submitted by Siouxland Humane Society.

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