Hurricane Pups, Rescued From the Storm, Live to Meet Their Forever Families

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Hurricane Laura, a Category 4 storm, made landfall late August with 110 mph winds. Some of the worst damage was seen along the Texas-Louisiana border. This past month, our rescue team was able to take in 300+ animals that were displaced due to Hurricane Laura.

These helpless animals survived the brunt of the storm, which ripped even the roof over their heads to pieces. The animals were left for days to suffer without running water or electricity, frightened and alone in record-breaking high temperatures. Many were distressed, overheated, and required immediate medical attention upon arriving at HHS.

hurricane puppy rescue shelter adoption
Photo: Jessica Hernandez

Our medical staff had provided vaccines and preventative care for all of the animals to ensure they were prepared for adoption within a few weeks. Our adoption staff worked tirelessly to assist with enrichment for these animals, making their stay as comfortable as possible and putting them at ease.

rescue hurricane puppies shelter adopted
Photo: Jessica Hernandez

Sophia and Loretta were among the group of animals rescued from Orange, Texas. They had been picked up off the streets of Orange a few weeks before Hurricane Laura. The two were the most frightened of the group. These four-month-old pups had been through so much trauma at such a young age already, our hope was to find a home full of love and patience.

From Sophias new family:

“Our family is grieving the loss of our 18-year-old dog who passed last year, and we knew we needed another dog to comfort our depressed eight-year-old dog. He has not been the same since our loss. All our dogs have been rescues — it’s tradition. We heard Sophia’s story and had to take her home. We are so happy to be giving Sophia a home, but she is also giving us something. Our dog was so happy to meet her!

From Loretta’s new family:

“I wanted another dog — my current dog Diva is getting up in age and is now 14. When my kids realized Diva will pass away soon, we all agreed it was best to get another dog. I wanted another Pomeranian like Diva, but my kids convinced me I should not replace her. We learned of Loretta’s story and where she had come from and knew she was special. When we met Loretta, we fell in love with her sweet demeanor and kind face. She is a very humble dog. We are so excited to have her in our home. She is learning from her big sister, Diva, quickly. Diva is very smart and knows over 40 commands in English and Spanish, and Loretta seems to be on her way!”

Story submitted by Jessica Hernandez.

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