After Being Hit by a Car, Rescue Lab Receives Life-Changing Surgeries

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Hound Haven received a call from the local animal control about Piper. She had been hit by a car and had no tags or chip, and was in a significant amount of pain. Her pain was so severe, that they had her listed as a boy because they couldn’t move her to determine her sex.

rescue hit car surgery
Photo: Marcie Lushen

Linda Coletta went to get her when she got the call and immediately took her to the vet. It was determined that she had a dislocated back hip and shattered femur.

Piper had to go to the orthopedic specialist to have a rod put in her leg, a growth plate and reconstructive surgery. The volunteers did daily exercises with her to help her gain mobility and strength in the leg. In a few short weeks she was able to put weight on the leg and use it. After a few months her leg was re-evaluated and it was determined she needed a second surgery with the specialist, as she was still favoring the leg and it wasn’t ideal for her long term. Hound Haven didn’t hesitate to schedule her for the surgery so she could have full use of her leg.

rescue dog hit car surgery
Photo: Marcie Lushen

Without Hound Haven, Piper would not have received the multiple surgeries she needed to gain full use of her leg. Piper is living a happy life with no pain thanks to Hound Haven. She runs and plays with the other dogs in her new home, as if she was never hit by the car!

Story submitted by Marcie Lushen.

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