Rescue Kitten With Painful Eye Condition Finally Finds Forever Family Willing to Go the Extra Mile

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Narnia came into PAWS of Hertford County’s care in the spring of 2017. She was a small black and white kitten with a terrible eye infection. She was a plucky little girl and just loved everyone she met. A local foster family welcomed her into their home to give her some much-needed TLC. She visited one of our veterinarians to address her eye infection, where they prescribed her with eye medication, but her eyes just didn’t seem to clear up. She went to see another veterinarian that diagnosed her with Eyelid Agenesis, a genetic condition which means that she was born missing part of her upper eyelids and her lashes were inverted. The condition made it painful for her to blink and would eventually cause her to go blind.

rescue kitten eye infection foster forever home
Photo: Paws of Hertford County

Narnia was referred to a local animal vision veterinarian to see what could be done to prevent her from potentially losing her eyes. The eye specialist said that she could perform surgery that would remove the inverted lashes to prevent scratching and the potential removal of her eyes. Fortunately, we were able to fundraise for her surgery as it was very expensive. Her surgery went well, but she would still require daily eye drops to help lubricate her eyes, due to missing part of her eyelids, and eye cleanings for the rest of her life to keep her eyes healthy.

Narnia’s foster family was extremely supportive of her needs and took great care of her. However, they were a military family and had received orders to relocate. Due to the continuous care that she needed throughout the day, it was critical that she find another foster home that could provide her with that care.

One of our volunteers, thankfully, stepped up as a foster home for Narnia, which not only allowed for her to receive the care she needed, but also allowed for her to be around other cats and dogs. She quickly made friends with one of the resident dogs and enjoyed giving all of her foster family members hugs and “sandpaper” kitty kisses.

rescue kitten eye infection foster forever home
Photo: Paws of Hertford County

Narnia’s foster family brought her to every adoption event that we hosted, hoping that she would find the right family. However, most people were not willing to take on a cat who required daily eye care. She quickly grew from a small kitten into a young adult in her foster home while waiting for her forever family.

Finally, after many months, Narnia’s person came to an adoption event to meet her. She was a military mom, who was away from her own home and loved ones for several months. She needed Narnia and Narnia needed her. It was a perfect match! Narnia moved back home with her mom and now has a new dog brother as well. Narnia loved her foster family, and they loved her, but she now has the best life with a forever mom that cares for her daily.

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