After Losing Her Beloved Dog to Old Age, This Owner Couldn’t Imagine Getting Another Dog — Until She Met Minnie

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Minnie arrived at the Lycoming County SPCA in Williamsport, Pennsylvania on July 29th. She had been hit by a car the day before. She was clearly malnourished, emaciated, and had several injuries, including a limp, and burnt and cut paw pads. Upon further examination, a mammary tumor was found. Although she looked to be an older dog, she had never been spayed.

rescue dog hit car adopted
Photo: Lycoming County SPCA

The following week, Minnie was taken to the vet to be spayed and have the mammary tumor removed. The day after her surgery, she began to act disoriented and was vomiting. She was rushed back to the veterinarian’s office and it was discovered that this poor little dog had gone into shock. She was not expected to make it through the night. She spent almost a week at the vet’s office to get her strength back. On top of everything else, Minnie also had Lyme disease. Based on her teeth, she was estimated to be between eight and ten years old. Senior dogs are more difficult to adopt out, but we were hopeful that Minnie would find a loving forever home.

Kim lost her sweet rescue dog, Bella Joy, on July 28th. Bella Joy was the love of Kim’s life. Although Bella Joy had many health issues, the death of this much-loved dog brought heartbreak to Kim, who cried every day, talking to Bella like she was still here. One Friday, Kim sat on her porch and told Bella Joy that she loved her, and no one would ever replace her, and she wasn’t looking for another dog; but if Bella Joy put one who needed her in Kim’s way, she would bring her home. Kim had no intentions of going to the SPCA, looking online, or putting any kind of effort into getting another dog.

The next day Kim had to go to the hardware store. Unbeknownst to her, they were having an event with vendor booths, including the Lycoming County SPCA. There was a little female dog there that piqued Kim’s interest, so she went to the SPCA the following Monday to inquire about her. Unfortunately, that pup couldn’t be in a home with cats. But there was this other little dog there — a sweet girl named Minnie!

adopted forever home rescue dog
Photo: Lycoming County SPCA

Kim said, “I nearly passed her by because of her age, but that sweet face pulled at my heart.”

Kim was in the lobby discussing details with a staff member when our Director of Development joined the conversation and sealed the deal. If Kim wasn’t 100% certain before, she absolutely was when she was told that Minnie was hit by that car at approximately the same time she lost her Bella Joy. It was truly serendipity.

Story submitted by Lycoming County SPCA.

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