Adorable Beagle Rescue Finds Perfect Home Thanks to Shelter Volunteer, and Her Best Friend

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Lucy Loo is Jen’s (Town & Country K9 ResQ) very first rescue pup. Lucy was found wandering near the boat docks at Bear Mountain State Park just over six years ago. Someone who knew of Jen and her volunteer work with Yonkers Animal Shelter, brought Lucy to the shelter, hoping they would take her in.

rescue beagle foster failure
Photo: Christine Anderson

Luckily, Jen was there that day. The shelter could not keep Lucy because she was out of jurisdiction, so Jen called me and asked if I wouldn’t mind fostering until we found Lucy’s family. My first and only question was, “Is she cat friendly?” Once I was told, “She is,” I did not hesitate to say yes. However, my husband and I were at a party and we couldn’t pick Lucy up until later that evening.

Jen and her husband also had a dinner engagement that night and Jen, unbeknownst to her husband at the time, arranged to bring Lucy with them! It turned out that Lucy Loo was a huge hit at the club’s barbeque dinner. She made fast friends with all of the guests at the club and enjoyed some fine dining of her own, which included several offerings of some juicy steak. Truth be told, Jen and I were already good friends, and our husbands were not on board with our rescue shenanigans that evening.

My husband and I fostered Lucy for about two months while we tried to find her family, but to no avail. We then decided we would accept adoption applications for her, but deep down I knew I couldn’t give her up. The deal was sealed, as they say, when Jen came over to visit and tried to pick Lucy up. Lucy went underneath my chair and pretended to sleep. She was mine.

rescue beagle foster failure
Photo: Christine Anderson

Shortly after, I was finally able to convince my husband that we were her family. We became foster failures to a two year old Beagle! At the time, Lucy joined a pack of feline brothers, Tyler, Mush, and Stanley. Tyler and Mush have since passed on, but Lucy still has her older brother, Stanley, to keep her company — when she wants him to.

Lucy Loo has brought so much joy into our lives. Words cannot describe how much we love her. I often wonder and hope we have given her the best life ever. She has certainly taught us a lot about patience, understanding and unconditional love.

Lucy is about eight years old now. She enjoys meeting her boyfriend, Jen’s dog, Murphy for long walks at the park, several days a week.

Story submitted by Christine Anderson.

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