Sweet Rescue Pup is Driven to Across the Country to Be With Her Forever Family

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My story is pretty special: Town & Country K9 ResQ LTD saved my life. They were the bridge between what was a sad and feared home to a beautiful life full of love and kisses. It was like Heaven in Paradise!

My name is Harper and for the past 3 1/2 years I have been a lucky pup in the best loving home I ever imagined. In January 2017, my rescuers at Town and Country were finalizing the details of my new forever home and family. It was a match made in heaven and I am so grateful to be rescued by them. Jennifer M. and all my friends at the rescue made me a promise to look after me and help me get the love and support I deserved with the best family they could find.

First, they loved me unconditionally. The care they gave me was comforting for me because I came from an abusive situation. They helped me learn to trust because they believed I was a good girl who needed a chance for a new life. I needed stitches and lots of medical care because I was injured. I also had Happy Tail, which wasn’t so happy. It hurt so bad and, more than that, I was probably one of the many statics that get labelled a problem because of my breed. I was doomed.

rescue dog forever home paradise
Photo: Brenda Stevenson

My family at Town & Country K9 ResQ LTD were the best. They made me strong and healthy. One personal trainer, Diane B., taught me obedience and made sure I was comfortable around other animals, children, and strangers. She introduced me to new things and treated me with lots of love and kindness. I learned to sit, heel, and stay. It was a great experience. I loved everyday while I was there training and I miss them all so much.

Town & Country K9 ResQ LTD worked hard to find me a stable family where I would fit in with well-behaved parents. They even made sure my new family had a good home, and time to care for me to show me lots of love. But my story doesn’t end there. I had a long journey ahead to my new home. I was moving from New York, USA to Paradise, Newfoundland; Canada and “Paradise” it was!

It was all arranged perfectly. I drove across country with volunteers from Transporters without Borders. What a joy ride it was — I had treats, pee breaks, snuggles, and gifts to take home! I was given blankets and toys, and of course, my Town & Country friends fitted me with coats, collars, leashes and more. I was so excited!

rescue dog forever home paradise
Photo: Brenda Stevenson

The whole process was very detailed and thorough; they even sent video instructions for extra training and all my important documents. After we crossed the border, we drove many more hours to Halifax where my new owners had me flown home to Newfoundland. When I finally reached my destination, my new home was so nice and cosy. I was loved by my new family and I knew they would care for me and protect me.

Now, I couldn’t be happier! I get good food, long walks, belly rubs, and warm hugs everyday. I trusted and knew I never had to worry about being hurt again. Today, I am happier and healthier than ever and I know if I ever need anything I can always contact Town & Country K9 ResQ LTD.

I have three babies to watch over — they’re grandchildren who sometimes sleepover. We have treat nights and snuggle time. It’s like a dream come true and I’m living my best life in Paradise!

Story submitted by Brenda Stevenson.

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