Dog Hit By Car Rescued By Quick Thinking Officer and Caring Shelter Volunteers

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Gabby was an emergent case. One of our local Animal Control Officers received a call in the middle of the night about a dog hit by a car. It was a serious situation with a decision needing to be made about whether the dog could be saved.

hit and run dog rescue
Photo: Paws of Hertford County

The Officer, not having the resources to provide emergent care, called one of our volunteers who made arrangements for the dog to go to the vet to receive life-saving care. Gabby, as she became known, stayed at the vet’s office for a little while to receive pain meds, IV fluids and x-rays, and made it through the accident with bruising to a lung, a swollen shoulder, broken teeth, a broken jaw, and required drain tubes to be placed. She was a tiny, but mighty girl with a long road ahead.

hit and run shelter dog rescue
Photo: Paws of Hertford County

Lucky for Gabby, a foster home took her in so that she could receive the care she needed. She stayed in their care for a few months before being medically cleared to work towards finding her forever home — and it didn’t take long! One of our volunteers had a daughter seeking a companion for her small-breed dog. They decided to take Gabby as a foster to ensure that everything would work out and finalized her adoption a few months later. Her adoption served as a heartwarming story for all of our volunteers that put a lot of time into making sure that this sweet girl could pull through.

Story submitted by Paws of Hertford County.

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