Couple Takes a Chance on an Older, Timid Dog as the First Furry Member of Their Family

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When we first met Fluff almost a year ago at Save All Dogs Rescue, she had just come up from Tennessee to Connecticut. She was very shy and timid and was shaking when she was brought out to our meet and greet. However, when we got down on her level, she came over to sniff us and allowed us to pet her. When we left her to get a leash and start the paperwork, she patiently waited at the door and watched to make sure we were coming back for her.

Fluff was a foster to adopt, but because she was so scared that first day, the vet at Save All Dogs Rescue could not examine her. We knew we could not leave without Fluff, so we agreed to bring her back the following week to get the vet’s approval for adoption. Over that week Fluff’s confidence grew and she allowed the vet to give her an exam that following week.

rescue dog forever home
Photo: Alexis Sargent

The night we brought Fluff home, we quickly realized that she was a very affectionate dog. We tried giving her space to adjust, but she wanted to stick right by us. We gave her a room of her own, a crate, and many dog beds, however, she just wanted to be with us. In fact, she insisted on sleeping in our bed with us that first night and she’s stayed by our sides ever since. We have had to put dog beds in just about every room of our house, including our kitchen, because she wants to be wherever we are. Fluff quickly got used to our routines and her own routines. She knows when she is going on a walk, and even the route and will let you know if you are bringing her a different route.

We were very fortunate to adopt Fluff. We both had dogs as kids, but had never owned dogs of our own. Fluff is the perfect first dog because she is 7 years old she did not need much training and was able to fill our lives with love and happiness.

rescue dog forever home
Photo: Alexis Sargent

Over the past year, Fluff has enjoyed holidays with us, picking out a Christmas tree, spending time with her dog-uncles and aunt, and laying in our backyard. Fluff also, very happily, welcomed a brother into the house and the two have become inseparable. When we adopted Fluff, we knew we were gaining a companion, but we didn’t realize we would be gaining such a strong and loving bond with our Fluff. We will forever be grateful for Save All Dogs Rescue and their partners in Tennessee.

Story submitted by Alexis Sargent.

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