This Happy Kitten Won’t Let His Condition Hold Him Back

Figaro’s story was originally shared in the Clear the Shelters Adoption Story Challenge on Figaro won the Third Place Prize of $3,500 in cash and pet supplies for Puppy Kitty NY City INC! Create your own free Shelter Challenge account and vote for your favorite shelter or rescue group to win cash and prizes. Every time you vote we’ll give an extra donation to shelters!

Photo: Chelsea Wolf

Figaro was rescued from Elmhurst, Queens in January 2019 after he chewed on an electrical cord and suffered severe facial trauma. To date, he has undergone several surgeries to attempt to repair his face, but the vet says he will never be fully “normal” – but what is “normal” anyway!? Fig’s condition certainly does not hold him back and he is the happiest kitty despite his injuries! He plays, always has something to say, and his favorite thing to do is eat! You can follow his adventures on Instagram!

Photo: Chelsea Wolf

Thanks to Puppy Kitty NY City (PKNYC), Fig is no longer struggling to survive on the harsh streets of New York City. Puppy Kitty NY City is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to saving and supporting animals within the greater New York City area. Founded in 2014 in response to the dire needs of malnourished and unspayed/unneutered animals throughout the five boroughs of New York City, PKNYC focuses on TNR, fostering, and adoption initiatives for injured and in-need cats and dogs. PKNYC efforts are comprised full of volunteers and donation-based support.

Story submitted by Chelsea Wolf.

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