After Constant Rejection, Friendly Shelter Cat Finally Finds His Person

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Jersey Shore Animal Center pulled Davey in August 2019 from an overcrowded NJ shelter. This adorable boy with eyes as big as the moon quickly became a staff favorite and in no time moved into our free roam cat room.

Photo : Laurie Fasinski

Davey received so much attention from potential adopters, but was never chosen. Despite being rejected many times, Davey remained determined. Every day he greeted our team with his paw waving and would sit on the laps of visitors as often as possible to present himself. He often made us sad when he would jump into the empty carrier of one of his roommates who was going home, each time, thinking it was his turn.

He watched so many of his friends leave, one of our repeat adopters who saw our most recent plea could not look away. On August 31, after a year of waiting and watching, Davey finally got to jump into his own carrier.

Photo : Laurie Fasinski

We are grateful to Joanna for opening her heart and home, and to Davey, our funny, brave, special cat who reminds us to: NEVER GIVE UP!

Story submitted by Laurie Fasinski.

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