Rescue Pup, Buddy, and New Dog Mom are Inseparable

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Buddy was adopted last year by an older couple. Sadly, he had been returned due to the wife becoming ill. He was surrendered with his feline sister. He was confused and unsure of what was going on.

Elaine had put in an application, but once she saw Buddy, she knew he was the perfect fit for her. I reached out to her, and she gave us an update on Buddy!

rescue dog forever home
Photo: Suzanne Durski

Buddy’s Adoption Update

“I am so happy to hear from you. I have been wanting to contact the shelter to express my great appreciation for allowing me to adopt Buddy from so far away.

“The drive from Fort Wayne was definitely worth it! He is a very sweet boy, and I can tell he was well loved. I, too, am very sad for the woman who had to surrender him. I think about her often and also pray for her. I cannot imagine her sadness.

“But I thank God that Buddy came into my life. He is just what my husband and I needed after our bereavement over our previous, and very precious, rescue who was my baby for 13 years.

rescue dog forever home
Photo: Suzanne Durski

“Buddy has settled in very nicely to our retirement life. He loves to be chased and sometimes play ball. He is very obedient and cuddly. His skin issues have been resolved with medication. I am impressed with how well potty trained he is. He is such a Godsend! He rides in the car with me and he doesn’t let me out of his sight.

I am passionate about adopting and rescuing from shelters like yours. I am so happy and blessed to have Buddy and he is definitely in his forever home. I cannot thank you enough.”

Story submitted by Suzanne Durski.

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