‘They Thought She Was Dead:’ Puppy Found on the Street with Mange Adopted by Supportive, Loving Family

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Bridgette was found by one of our local Animal Control Officers on a hot summer day in 2019. When they found her, they thought she was dead. At only eight weeks old and weighing only seven pounds, she was lying on the hot pavement, unresponsive.

rescue puppy mange
Photo: Paws of Hertford County

Upon looking closer, they found that she had a serious skin infection, was clearly malnourished, and needed attention badly. They brought her back to the shelter and PAWS of Hertford County took her into our care. She was provided water and food, which she gladly took. She showed a strong determination to pull through and become a strong, healthy pup.

She made a trip to the vet’s office to address her skin infection, which they diagnosed as demodectic mange. This sweet girl was able to go to a foster home where she was provided medications and much needed medicated baths. As she became healthier, she was also able to learn how to be a puppy; playing with her foster siblings and happily greeting anyone that she met.

puppy rescue adopted
Photo: Paws of Hertford County

She began attending adoption events for socialization, but it wasn’t long before a family laid eyes on her. They continued to come and see her at every event, and she wagged her tail in excitement every time she saw them. Once she had recovered from her demodectic mange, and all of her basic medical needs were addressed, she was able to officially join their family. Her family loves her – bringing her to events so that she can see her foster parents, constantly sharing pictures of her, and giving her the best life that we hope for all of our cats and dogs to have.

Story submitted by Paws of Hertford County.

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