Shelter Volunteer Falls in Love with Sweet Rescue Pup

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Bounce came in as a stray — thin, but oh-so sweet. Everyone loved her, including our Massage Therapist Volunteer, Dorian.

While volunteering, Dorian had a calming session with Bounce and fell in love. After hearing that Bounce had been here since March, her heart dropped. She asked what it took to become a foster.

rescue dog forever home
Photo: Suzanne Durski

Dorian filled out the forms. She brought in her dogs, and let everyone meet each other. It did not go as planned. The dogs were a bit grumpy, but she persevered.

She came during the week and took Bounce out for a ride. It was such a bonding moment, and she could tell Bounce was an intelligent girl. She wanted to try one more time.

Dorian had a day off and asked to foster Bounce for the night. We agreed, since Dorian has a lot of history working with dogs. She was prepared for the good and the bad. She wanted to give Bounce a chance.

We started getting photos that night. All three dogs were having a blast and enjoying each other’s company. Bounce was a little anxious at first, but with some time, she felt at home. Dorian asked to continue fostering.

Time went by, and Dorian thought about Bounce coming back to the shelter or getting adopted. Her heart ached at the thought of not seeing her again. She was such a great girl and just needed someone to understand her and work with her. Dorian could not see Bounce anywhere but here, at home, where she belongs.

rescue dog forever home
Photo: Suzanne Durski

Her family made up their mind and asked to adopt. Bounce is still learning, but she is getting better every day. She loves them, and they love her:

“Bounce is adjusting beautifully. She loves everyone she meets and has integrated well with her new brothers. She is starting basic dog obedience this week and she loves to learn. We are happy our foster failed. She is the best dog.”

Story submitted by Suzanne Durski.

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