Senior Rescue Pup Finds the Perfect Home to Live Out Her Golden Years

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Bessie waited four years for a forever home, and Fort Lauderdale’s Abandoned Pet Rescue is ecstatic to share that she hit the jackpot when it came to finding a wonderful family! Bessie was recently adopted by APR’s team member Sierra, who was in love with Bessie from the moment she saw her. Whenever someone says “thank you for adopting Bessie,” Sierra sincerely responds “I’m so lucky to have her.”

Bessie’s Adoption Story, As Told By Sierra

“I loved Bessie from the moment I saw her. She was old, and her whiskers looked like a little beard, and I thought she was adorable! I first met her in December of 2018 and wanted to adopt her then, but it was believed that Bessie needed to be the only animal in a home, and my family had just adopted another dog from APR and had taken in a stray cat. While volunteering and working at APR, I got to know Bessie very well and decided to try bringing Bessie home to see how she would do with the other pets. She now loves her cat brother and dog sister!

senior rescue forever home golden years
Photo: Larry Wallenstein

“Many people think of the downsides of adopting an older dog, but senior pets have so much love to give and are grateful to be in a loving home. The thought of taking care of a senior dog or pet with special needs may seem daunting at first, but taking care of Bessie has been rewarding and not as difficult as everyone expected.

“In some ways, seniors are easier to care for — Bessie loves napping in her favorite spots around the house. Senior dogs have just as much love to give as younger dogs, maybe even more! Although I won’t have as much time with Bessie, I know that her golden years will be spent with lots of love and tons of toys for her to squeak.”

senior rescue forever home golden years
Photo: Larry Wallenstein

Thank you Sierra, Emma, Rick, and Harrison for adopting Bessie! And thank you to all of Bessie’s friends who loved her so much while at our shelter.

Story submitted by Larry Wallenstein.

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