Sheep Stuck In Ditch Jumps Back In After Being Freed

Sheep can be quite silly and happy-go-lucky, often happily hopping from one place to another.

One sheep proved just how silly they can be when was dove headfirst into a ditch and got stuck! As if that weren’t enough, after being freed, the sheep jumped straight back into the same ditch.

It happened when Azieva Radima’s son was walking home from school in Grozny, Russia. The boy noticed a sheep stuck headfirst in a drainage ditch and in need of help. Rather than continue walking, the boy decided to stop and help the sheep.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

He grabbed hold of the animal’s leg and pulled with all his strength. The sheep helped by kicking against the ditch’s edge and, eventually, he was pulled free.

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The sheep immediately bounced off, happily jumping for joy. However, a few bounces in and he dove headfirst back into the same ditch!

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog
Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

Radima shared the video on her Instagram and Viral Hog uploaded it to YouTube. She shared with Viral Hog, “My son, returning home from school, noticed a lamb in a trench, made several attempts to help, he did not succeed. He came home and asked me to help. We filmed the video for home viewing but then decided to upload it to the network in order to motivate the rest not to be indifferent to animals and not leave them in trouble.”

Watch the rescue in the video below:

Of course, many people wanted to know if the sheep was ok after the second plunge into the ditch, or if he ever made it out. Radima shared an update on Instagram, letting everyone know that the sheep was just fine.

Photo: Instagram/azieva_radima

She explained that they did free him a second time and he almost fell back in! Thankfully, he didn’t and he happily hopped on his way. Translated, she said, “As you can see in the video, everything is fine with the legs, he ran quickly and did not limp.”

Watch the video of him being freed the second time:

The world could use more kind people like Radima and her son! Helping animals in need is always the right thing to do. What do you think of the silly sheep?

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