She Was Surrendered By Her Human Who Only Wanted The Best For Her. Wait Until You See Her Life Now!

Life is full of challenges and sometimes we have to decide whether we can take that journey down a certain path. For Sheba (later renamed Gracie), it was best for her and her overall health that her human let her go. It must’ve been the hardest thing he had to do but because he truly loved her, and couldn’t provide for her, it was the path he had to take.

Sheba’s story showed me that life is full of surprises. When one door closes, another one swings open… and sometimes what’s beyond that door is truly magical! As you watch this video, try to imagine what you would do in her human’s shoes. Did he make the right choice?

There are many animals, like Sheba, who have had some bad luck but it doesn’t reflect at all in their character. They are still kind and patient and full of love. That is why pet adoption is the obvious choice. #AdoptDontShop

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