Well, That’s It. I’m Never Going In A Lake Again! This Shcat Is Just Too Scary!

CATastrophes has been working for years to raise awareness of shelter cats, the cats that need us the most. Through their particular brand of humor and enjoyment of making hilarious videos, they have brought us some great content benefiting shelter cats. Don’t worry, no cats got wet making this video!

The now world famous “Shark Week” is almost upon us. Everyone loves to watch these terrifying and efficient killing machines. Any apex predator that has survived 5 extinctions over the last 450 million years is worth attention certainly, but do we ever consider how such attention makes it easy to forget other insidious, water dwelling predators? Well, I certainly do! And so, I wish to address a danger lurking beneath Lake Michigan, a threat that might prevent humans from ever enjoying the beach again!

I’m talking about the Shcat. This silly name belies the monstrous reality of this blood-thirsty swimming feline. Luckily CATastrophies took time out from producing funny and informative videos about shelter cats to bring us this first hand account! BE AFRAID!

I know that I won’t be out boating anytime soon! Be careful out there!

Don’t worry, no cats got wet making this video! Of course, there are no shcats in Lake Michigan. Probably.

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Adam Greene may reside in West Michigan, but the majority of his time is spent providing a comfortable lap for his many animals. When not covered in cats, he is probably writing and drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee.