Service Pig Hamela Anderson Helps Vet Cope With PTSD!

You’ve no doubt heard of service dogs, but what about service pigs? A miniature pig named Hamela Anderson provides her human companion with comfort to manage post-traumatic stress disorder, and she’s not alone. Miniature pigs are gaining popularity as service animals for individuals suffering from PTSD. The 50-pound miniature pig helps her human owner, Air Force veteran Brandon Rimmer, who served two tours in Kuwait and Iraq. She goes everywhere with him, helping him stay calm, particularly in the morning, Rimmer’s worst time of day.
His girlfriend noticed a pronounced difference in his behavior when Hamela joined him. How does a pig bring comfort to someone who experiences PTSD? Hamela seems to tune in to Rimmer’s moods, noticing when he feels upset. She takes his mind off those upsetting emotions by burrowing into his arms to provide a lovable distraction.
Service Pig Hamela Anderson Helps Vet Cope With PTSD!
Not everyone is so understanding of service pigs. Rimmer’s recent trip to Panama City, Florida, started with one hotel refusing to let Hamela stay on the premises. The hotel management went so far as to threaten to call the police. Since pigs aren’t recognized under the Americans With Disabilities Act, Rimmer had no choice but to find another hotel. The duo soon found another hotel that was more than welcoming to both human and pig, providing the two a place to stay during their vacation.

Another miniature pig named Ruxin provides the same kind of emotional support for his own, Jacob Gamble. Ruxin helps Gamble through days when his physical pain is almost too much handle. The emotional support pig helps his owner with depression and the PTSD symptoms Gamble has due to childhood experiences. Pigs provide the cuddles, love and emotional support that people facing PTSD need, plus they’re cute and fun. Watch an adorbs mini pig named Pickle snacking on his favorite food – lettuce.

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