Service Dogs Healing Vets


When veterans return home from war many are diagnosed with PTSD or come back with physical injuries and have trouble reconnecting with family and friends about their experiences. But with the help of a pooch pal many have found refuge and a companion who will listen and help them readjust back to civilian life.

Project Heal is a program that dually helps two groups of people in need, veterans and at-risk teens. Service dogs individually trained by teens in the ECADemy program, are taught a number of skills that make transitioning back to civilian life easier for vets.

The skills these four-legged heroes learn include picking up dropped objects, opening and closing doors, interrupting nightmares and flashbacks, reminding their vet to take their meds and more.

For Luis Montalvan who had been in the Army for 17 years and was left wounded with brain trauma and later PTSD after an ambush on the Syrian-Iraqi Border in 2003, Tuesday, his service dog, has helped him in a myriad of ways.

“Returning from Iraq and the years after returning and not dealing with the physical and psychological problems caused these problems to get worse, he’s (Tuesday) reversing a lot of that,” said Montalvan.

Watch and hear more about how Tuesday helps Luis live in the moment instead of looking backwards to his problems of the past.

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