Human Loves To Serenade His Rescue Pup

The bond between a human and his or her dog is one of the greatest things you will ever see. Comparable to the bond of a parent to a child. In this sweet video, you will see a heartwarming relationship between a very talented musician and his rescue pup, who adores listening to him play guitar.

This human happily plays guitar for his favorite pup whenever she wants to hear it. Her expression, as she sits beside him, is one of love, loyalty and total respect. She loves her human and her human loves her right back!

Do you have a special activity you love to do with your dog, or even your cat? A special place to go for a walk? How about listening to a favorite song? Animals enjoy a lot of the things we enjoy as well. Their brains can release endorphins like our brains can. Especially when they see us happy. Their happiness is tightly connected to ours. Isn’t that pretty amazing?

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