6 Things Only Senior Dog Parents Will Understand!

When I was growing up, we rescued a 10 year old Boxer named Hooch. He was the cuddliest, smelliest, and most adorable friend I’ve ever had. He could clear a room with his horrible gas, slobbered more than I ever thought possible, and snored louder than my dad, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way. He was only with us for 3 short years, but I will never forget how much love and joy he brought to our family.

Mine is probably a similar story for most who have had the pleasure of welcoming a senior dog into their home.  November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! Those who have had the opportunity to love a senior dog know the true joy that a sweet senior can bring into a household, and that there are certain things only senior dog parents can understand.

Here are 6 things that only senior dog parents will understand.

6. Senior Dog Snuggles = The Best Snuggles

These sweet seniors have perfected the art of cuddling, and aren’t afraid to share it. Dogs are like a fine wine, they just get better with age! If you were looking for the perfect cuddle buddy, look no further than your senior pup!

Dog_Dog and woman cuddling_shutterstock_186981692

5. With A Senior Dog, What You See Is What You Get.

Puppies are the quickest to get adopted at a shelter, and often get all the glory, but senior dogs are where it’s at! It’s hard to tell how big a puppy will actually get, or what kind of personality they will develop because you are adopting them when they are so young and small. When you adopt a senior dog, you know all that information up front, and are able to tell immediately if they are a perfect fit for your family.

Alli B. was born and raised in the Great Lakes State. She is a proud dog mom to an adorable mutt named Rue, a three-legged pup named Tripp, and a crazy cat mom to two feisty felines, Louie and Pikachu. She spends her days exploring all that Michigan has to offer with her husband and their fur-babies.