Senior Lab Mix Finally Finds Her Person After Nearly 10 Years In Shelter

A black Labrador retriever mix named Bean has spent most of her life (nearly 10 years) at Animal Refuge Center in Fort Myers, Florida. She needed a home without children and someone who would give her time and space to adjust to her new surroundings.

While staff and volunteers did their best to spoil her at the shelter, it didn’t compare to having a loving home and a family of her own.

Her profile told a little more about the 11-year-old. It states, “Bean is an extremely loving, affectionate and intelligent girl. She knows many basic commands. She definitely needs to get to know you first, which means we’d like you to visit her at least a few times before making a decision regarding adoption. If she loves you though, she loves you forever.”

As the years passed, the shelter and Bean refused to give up hope on finding her person…and her patience paid off.

Larry Denmark came across her picture on the shelter’s website and went to visit her. The shelter shared, “They became fast friends.”

Larry agreed to be her forever foster and took Bean home.

While there were many tears when she left the shelter, they were happy tears. Bean is finally going to have the life she deserves. The shelter took to Facebook to announce the good news. They wrote, “Our longest resident has a home and wow is she happy! Just take a look at those first few pictures of Bean to see what we mean.”

Bean is elated and loving her new life. Larry shared some photos of the sweet pup in her new home.

“Thank you Larry! Thank you to the staff and volunteers that spent so much time getting Bean ready for this opportunity. We will miss her couldn’t be more excited to see Bean living her best life.”

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