Senior Dog Scared Off by Fireworks Found, Reunited With Owners via Facebook!

As humans celebrated the Fourth of July holiday, 17-year old Rocky was scared by the loud noises. The senior dog escaped the safety of his home and got lost in the woods. Rocky’s owner spent several days looking for his loyal friend but was unsuccessful in finding him. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. Jake Higgins, a logger, spotted Rocky in the woods and called the local humane society for help rescuing him. The rescuers recognized that the dog was old and tired, but did not know at the time that he also had cancer. Since the animal was unable to leave the woods on his own, Higgins carried him out. During the rescue, the humane society filmed Higgins carrying the dog and posted it on social media. Luckily, Rocky’s owner saw the post and was grateful and excited to reunite with his dog.

Pets can be traumatized by thunderstorms and fireworks; however, there are some significant differences. Storms have warning signs, such as changes in barometric pressure, that help warn the pet of their approach and make the noise less stressful. Fireworks are more surprising — and frightening.


Help your dog when you know fireworks are coming by preparing a special quiet place where your pooch feels secure. For crate-trained dogs, the crate provides a natural secure spot. Other dogs might prefer an inner closet without windows where it can weather the loud noise. Music or the television can also help to muffle the noises. If your pet experienced stress during the holiday, you can also begin to desensitize it to the noise using a recording of fireworks noises. Begin with the volume low and reward your pet when it does not react to the noise. Over several months, turn up the volume and continue offering rewards each time the pet doesn’t react.
The next holiday should be less stressful for both you and your pet. There are many ways of reducing a pet’s reaction to noise. Watch this video and learn more about keeping your pet safe during fireworks.

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