Ukrainian Man Carried Senior German Shepherd on His Shoulders to Safety When She Could No Longer Walk

Over 2 million Ukrainians have crossed into Poland to escape the war, and many have brought their beloved pets. However, the journey to get to safety was long and hard for most, especially senior pets.

Dogs and cats are part of the family, and many Ukrainians are choosing to save their pets at all costs.

Alise Teptiuk, her husband and their two kids joined countless others who were fleeing Kyiv. They took only the essentials and their beloved dog, Pulya.

They loaded into a car along with her mother, her dog, sister, and her husband and headed for the border. However, the line stretched for miles when they arrived. Instead of waiting for days in a car they decided to walk the remaining 17km (over 10 miles) to the border.

The nearly 13-year-old German shepherd started out walking along with her fleeing family, but the strenuous journey took a toll on her and she soon was unable to walk any further.

But her family refused to leave her behind.

“My dog is 12 and a half and she struggled to walk and fell down every kilometre or so and couldn’t stand up again. I stopped cars and asked for help but everyone refused; they advised us to leave the dogs. But our dogs are part of our family. My dog has experienced all the happy and sad moments with us. Mum’s dog is all she has left of her former life. So my husband, at times, carried our dog on his shoulders,” Alise told The Guardian.

A photo of the senior dog being carried on the shoulders of her devoted dad has gone viral. Alise took the photo as she was walking behind her husband and never expected it to have such an impact on the world.

It is the ultimate portrayal of unconditional love.

Alise, her, mother, sister, and all their kids and dogs made it safely to Poland, but her husband and her sister’s husband remain in Ukraine. “My husband is a big part of me, he is my best friend, assistant, adviser. Our boundless love is what gives me strength now,” she said.

Sadly, the family is also still coming to terms with the unexpected death of Alise’s father which occurred one day before the Russian invasion.

Pulya continues to be a source of comfort and love to the family during this difficult time. Alise told DogsLive, “Today she is alive and doing well, she stands as a symbol of love, devotion, determination, she represents our family, the lives we had, the lives we’ve left behind. Pulya is our one constant in all of this madness.”

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