Since Re-Learning How To Walk, All This Sassy Senior Wants Is Cuddles

Earlier this year, a crippled tabby named Charlie found herself at a cats-only clinic in Philly after inexplicably losing the use of her hind legs. Initially, vets were stumped – at first they thought the 13-year-old feline might suffer from blood clots which were cutting off blood supply to her limbs.

Blood tests would ultimately rule out cardiac issues, though X-rays later revealed the senior feline probably suffered from slipped discs — a diagnosis complicated by the fact that her home had lots of stairs. As such, The Cat Doctor invited Charlie to move in alongside some other cats living in the clinic, and they even tried to build her a wheel-chair to get around. However, at 13 years young, Charlie was quite set in her ways and equally determined not to let this ailment slow her down.

Photo: Facebook/The Cat Doctor
Photo: Facebook/The Cat Doctor

For weeks, she stubbornly pulled herself around using her front paws, while doctors treated her with steroids and other anti-inflammatories to reduce the swelling in her spine. Within weeks, this sassy senior had achieved a remarkable turnaround in health — and she’s making the most of her restored mobility by snuggling with every human she meets.

Her clean bill of health has led staff to actively seek Charlie’s forever home, which ideally won’t include stairs or other pets. Despite her endearing affinity towards humans, other cats aren’t generally on receiving end of Charlie’s affections, which is one reason staff hopes she can find a pet-free home where she can spend her days as the “primary cuddler.”

Photo: Facebook/The Cat Doctor
Photo: Facebook/The Cat Doctor

Contact The Cat Doctor if you’re in the Philly-area and would like to adopt Charlie, who would make a great addition to the right home. Though they’re often passed over in favor of kittens, senior cats are just as cute and often more relaxed, which means less scratching on your furniture. If you’re in the market for snuggles, Charlie could be your cat.

Watch Charlie re-teach herself to walk!

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