Kevin Bacon And Kyra Sedgwick Have A Soft Spot For Pitbulls And Rescue Dogs

How did you get through the lockdowns and uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic’s early days? We all found our own ways of adapting, our own unique sources of joy that we cherished in isolation — for many, this comfort came from the rediscovery of an old hobby, trying out new recipes, or reconnecting over social media with old friends.

Speaking of friends, it wasn’t just social media and Zoom calls that kept many company. Canine companions, whether they were already part of the family or a newfound “pandemic puppy,” brought love and light at a dark time.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, the Hollywood actors and activists with a 32-year-strong marriage, discussed on social media how the pandemic heightened a shared passion of theirs — rescue dogs and fostering.

Photo: flickr/Gage Skidmore

While the couple was separated from their beloved rescue pit bull Lily, they took care of their daughter Sosie’s wirehair mix.

“My daughter has very generously given us her dog during this time,” Sedgwick told USA Today in April of 2020. “We have a dog but she’s in New York. Our dog sitter is with her; we’re grateful she’s taking care of her. So we have this tiny little 6-pound joy that sleeps with us.” A photo posted to Sedgwick’s Instagram was captioned “Hangin with my Grandog!”

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PHOTO: INSTAGRAM / @kyrasedgwickofficial

The family has fostered and adopted several rescue dogs over the years, with a soft spot for pit bulls and those in need. A trip to New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina led the couple to help establish and support animal shelters that had trouble reuniting pets with their owners and finding stable families for dogs on the streets.

Their bond with Lily, who was “left for dead” as a puppy outside Yankee Stadium, according to Sedgwick, is nearly 10 years in the making and shows that they care about these dogs long term.

A 2012 video from PEOPLE showed Kevin Bacon and Lily practicing their synchronized dive just in time for the London Olympics.


The pandemic continued and the celebrity couple continued to self isolate in their 2,760-square-foot LA home. Daily walks with their daughter’s dog and, when it was safe, the return of Lily from New York helped keep them sane and safe.

Like many of us, the bonds that they made with their pets were a bright spot in an otherwise dark year. The couple continues their acting careers as well as their charity work through, which connects community charities with celebrity spokespersons and advocates.

See more from the family on their Instagram accounts @kevinbacon and @kyrasedgwickofficial and learn more about their charity work here!

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