Dog Learns How To Do An Irish Dance With Her Owner

Have you ever seen a dog dance? Sure, some dogs do their own adorable little wiggle-dances when they’re excited. But Secret the Australian Shepherd can actually dance.

Secret and her owner, Mary, have come up with an adorable dance routine to an Irish song, and Secret gets every step right!

Secret and Mary live in Bellingham, Washington together and they’ve become an Internet sensation online, largely for their talented antics, like Irish dancing. They have over 1 million followers on Instagram alone!

The dog is so smart and talented, and Mary is an incredible owner and trainer. It’s no wonder they’ve got such a large fanbase.

Check out the clip below:

Their dancing didn’t stop there, either!

The duo learned a separate Irish dance that was featured on Good Morning America.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

The two danced to a rendition of Kevin Burke’s of Maudabawn Chapel/ The Wild Irishman/The Moher Reel. The outlet shared the video on YouTube and it was a hit.

Check out the clip below:

It’s not just Irish dancing that Secret can do, either. Mary has taught her a lot of other tricks and talents, including how to paint on a canvas and do yoga!

Check out the videos below to see Secret in action:

Unfortunately, in early February, Secret was diagnosed with cancer. The diagnosis is usually terminal, but with enough money and the right vet, it’s possible to get remission. Because Mary is located near one of the few vets that can help with Secret’s form of cancer, they’re doing everything they can to beat it! Since it’s going to be extremely expensive, they started a GoFundMe to help cover the costs of a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy.

In an update on GoFundMe, they shared that “Secret handled the first round of chemotherapy well, and despite some nausea and tiredness, she is doing pretty well.” After weeks of chemo, she even got to enjoy a walk outside!

She’s still got a long road ahead of her, but she’s fighting her best fight and the family is hopeful that they’ll get more time with the sweet dog.

You can keep up with Secret on Instagram, @my_aussie_gal.

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