She Never Deserved This, But We Can Give Her A Second Chance!

smokey feat

Meet Smokey, a sweet, energetic, flat-coated retriever. She’s a year old, a loyal companion, and a loving pet. She even gets along well with other dogs. So, why is she living in a shelter?

Tragically, Smokey was the victim of four gunshot wounds that shattered her shoulder. Her owners couldn’t afford the care she required, so they had no choice but to give her up.

Now, she’s waiting patiently for her forever family to find her, but until her wounds heal, she can’t be adopted. Not only that, but Smokey has also been diagnosed with heartworms, which are treatable, but require expensive medication.

She’s been through a lot and she can have the second chance she deserves — if we can get her into adoptable shape!

UPDATE: Thanks to your donations, Halfway Home Rescue Inc. was able to front the full cost of Smokey’s surgery and follow-up physical therapy! Because of you, Smokey is now happy, healthy and looking for a home!

But our work isn’t over! Other abandoned animals are in bad shape and in need of immediate medical care.

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