Thinking About Getting A Second Cat? If So, Then Read This!

I often hear all about dogs being pack animals and why having more than one dog can make for a happier pack. But what about cats? Since I’m a cat lover, and think having one cat is like eating one potato chip, I thought I’d share my opinion on a two cat household (I think going over two may apply to some of these ideas as well, but don’t go too crazy or we all know who you may end up being and it would only require a few more cats and a giant shoe! LOL!)


Many cats will be opposed to the idea of sharing their house and their human. It is important to know your cat’s overall temperament first before exploring the option of adding a cat to their world, as well as yours. Keep this in mind while reading this article. Lots of cats are happy “being single” and that’s ok. No relationship can be forced and you shouldn’t try. The added stress this could cause could seriously upset your cat as well as the balance in your household. No cat should have to be miserable just because we want something that they don’t.

So, why two cats instead of one? Simple answer: Companionship.

Cats, just like people, love having someone to be with. They love to play and having a playmate just like them makes sense. If you have ever been in a two cat household, then you know that sound of pitter patter paws running around, chasing one another, is the sound of pure happiness. Cats also like to groom one another and having more than one helps to reach those harder to reach places…a cleaner cat is a happier cat!

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