WIfe Was Excited To Get A Flower Delivery From Her Husband, But Then Realized They Weren’t For Her

A woman was so excited to get flowers delivered to her from her husband, but then she read the card and realized they weren’t for her.

The card read: “Sebastian, Feel better you’ll be back in the game soon. Love Daddy.” And no, Sebastian is not the couple’s child. Well, he basically is, but he’s not human. Sebastian is the family dog who has been recovering from a surgery that repaired a torn ACL.

Debra Cardone
Debra Cardone

The woman, Debra Cardone, was taken aback when she read the card, but wasn’t in the least bit upset. It gave her a good laugh, as it did for me too! The family posted photos of Sebastian with the flowers and the story on social media, and it brought a smile to many people’s faces.

Debra Cardone
Debra Cardone

1-800-Flowers.com heard about the hilarious story and even sent Sebastian some more flowers with a card reading: “Sebastian, We wish you a speedy recovery filled with belly rubs and treats! Your friends at 1-800-flowers.com.”

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