Seaworld Announces The Best. News. Ever. #EmptyTheTank

All you animal lovers deserve a pat on the back! Animal lovers, like you, are banding together and taking a stand against mistreating animals for entertainment purposes. And all the team work is paying off!

Seaworld claimed, for years, that their beautiful captive creatures were perfectly healthy. They claimed that their lives were just as healthy and normal as sea animals in nature. Bold. Faced. Lies. Now that this has been disproven and the message is making its way around, their attendance rates have dropped. HOORAY!!!

Educated people understand that animals deserve better, that they are not just as healthy as if they were free. That they are not just as happy. They are miserable and this practice is totally disgusting.

If more people refuse to go and spread the message that this is NOT a way to make money, that this is cruel and completely inhumane, then Seaworld and places like Seaworld, will go away for good!

Here’s to animals being free and happy (and healthy!) Yell it from the rooftops: #EmptyTheTanks

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