Quick Thinking And A Phone Call Saved Two Lives!

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Summer means hot weather, and hot weather means taking extra care of your dogs to prevent overheating. While responsible dog parents know what to look for and make sure their dog has water and shade, there are dozens of stories about dogs dying after being locked in a car. It doesn’t take much time for a dog to be seriously injured or killed in a hot car, and while some states allow you to break a window to save a dog, most do not. But that doesn’t mean you are helpless. Anytime you see a dog in a car on a hot day, no matter how long you think they’ve been there, if you think there are signs of distress, you should always call the authorities first and foremost.

This is a perfect story on how to handle a scary situation. It isn’t only the officer that broke the window that’s a hero; the quick acting and concerned citizen that made the call deserves credit for saving two lives.

While most states don’t allow citizens to rescue dogs from hot cars, we can appeal for a federal law allowing the right to rescue! Remember, if you are concerned about an animal locked in a car on a hot day, don’t hesitate to call for help!

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