Rescued Seals Celebrate Their Release With A Smooch!

Two very lucky, and very adorable, seals go from rescued to released in this captivating video I just can’t stop watching! Bystanders can’t get enough of these two cuties, and “oooo” and “ahhh,” as they are let out of their crates and make their way to their vast new home. Thanks to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach, these seals are healthy, happy and FREEEEEEE!

There seriously isn’t anything better than seeing a rescued animal return to where they belong… Or is there?! Just wait until :20 and you will be “Oooo-ing” and “Ahhhh-ing” yourself! Ok, people, I have found my new favorite video. I dare you to watch this and not fall in love!

Cool Seal Facts:

– Seals are divided into two classes: those with ears, like sea lions and those without ears, like the common seal
– There are thirty-three species of seals worldwide
– Grey seals mate on land while common seals mate in the water
– Seals use their whiskers to detect prey while under water

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