Baby Seal Thanks His Rescuer After Being Untangled

Our oceans are a vast and abundant life force in this world. Thousands of different animals call the sea home. But because of human activity, the oceans aren’t what they used to be. They’ve become polluted with tons of human waste – plastic being one of the biggest pollutants in the water. Many animals often mistake it for food and end up getting entangled.

Another major threat to marine life is the huge problem of ghost nets and ghost fishing lines. They pose a huge hazard to animals, including Cape Fur Seals. These animals will often not know to avoid them – particularly the young seals – and they end up getting entangled. These lines are difficult to get out of which means that these poor seals are subjected to the slow death from the embedded lines with cut deep into their skin causing them to become unable to feed themselves and suffocate, or they develop a bad infection and pass away.

The nonprofit organization called Ocean Conservation Namibia (OCN) is in charge of helping to rescue seals from these deadly ghost lines and nets. In a video, OCN shared a rescue of a little baby seal. And the incredible thing about the video was that seal did not try to run away or attack the people helping him. Instead, he let Antoine and Naude from OCN get close enough to help him. The two had seen the seal during their morning patrol at Pelican Point, which was Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. They were on the lookout for any seals that might have needed assistance.

Antoine and Naude were just in time to see the seal struggling to free itself from the big ball of commercial fishing line, something that most likely came from a local fishing vessel. The future of our oceans and our marine life is dependent on what we do to keep our marine life safe. This video should be a reminder that we all have an important part to play in conserving our oceans and the lives within them.

Watch the rescue below:

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