Seal Becomes Stowaway, Seeks Refuge From Hungry Orcas

Just imagine if this happened to you!


Well, when these guys went fishing, it actually did! A seal sought refuge on a passing boat as hungry orcas circled their potential meal. It looks like the seal was being chased for a while. He looks exhausted! Poor fellow.

The humans were pretty stunned (You may want to lower your volume during their reactions. LOL!) But they welcomed their little stowaway, knowing what he must’ve been feeling. This guy is such a little fighter! The full video is featured below.

Orca Fun Facts:

Orcas are not hunted by anything other than humans. They will eat birds, fish, seals, sea turtles and other animals they can get their fins on. They are often called Killer Whales (and probably for this very reason). Orcas are the largest specie in the dolphin family, weighing up to 6 tons! WHOA!

Killer Whales swim in pods of up to 40 members. The females give birth every three to ten years, with only one offspring at a time. Orcas use echolocation to talk to one another and locate objects.

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