Seal Is All Smiles While Posing With His Birthday ‘Fish’ Cake

When it comes to marking the annual milestone of another birthday, most of us will enjoy a slice of cake. When it comes to a special 31st birthday, one seal got to celebrate with a large ice fish cake. Sounds like a seal’s dream come true.

Yulelogs is the grey seal living in the UK’s Cornish Seal Sanctuary. They are known for rehabilitating seals and releasing them back into the wild once they have recovered their strength and health. On average, the center will take in and rehabilitate around 70 grey seals a year. Yulelogs happens to be one of the permanent residents of the sanctuary.

Those seals who are unable to be rehabilitated and released back into the wild are automatically made permanent residents where they can live out their days in comfort. And Yulelogs definitely got a surprise in the form of a fish cake – he was one happy seal.

Yulelogs first began life at a marine park in 1989 when he was just a little seal pup. According to the Facebook post, he grew up in captivity, so he had no idea how to behave like a wild seal. When the marine park closed, Yulelogs was released into the wild and he had a hard time adjusting.

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Yulelogs was used to staff members bringing him food, so he would constantly chase people on the beach thinking they would feed him. Of course, his inability to survive on his own meant that Yulelogs wasn’t suited to life in the wild.

Most grey seals will weigh an average of 551 pounds, but poor Yulelogs was only 132 pounds when he was first brought into the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

But the thankful resident has become a happy and well-adjusted seal who is clearly living his best life. While the cake itself is a wonderful treat for Yulelogs, according to The Breeze, Georgina Shannon, the marketing and media coordinator for Cornish Seal Sanctuary, also pointed out that his birthday cake was wonderful for the seal’s enrichment.

Yulelogs got to exercise his critical thinking skills in order to unleash the fish from the ice. Still, we doubt that Yulelogs minded much, he probably was just happy to have all the fish he could want.

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