The Seahawks Are Going To The Super Bowl And The Pets Of GreaterGood Are Showing Their 12th Man Spirit!

It’s that time of year again! The SUPER BOWL! Not surprisingly, the Seattle Seahawks are set to make another appearance on Super Bowl Sunday. With a fresh championship under their belt, they are ready to dominate the New England Patriots on February 1st!

Since the GreaterGood headquarters are smack in the heart of downtown Seattle, it only makes sense that the pets of GreaterGood are all Seahawks fans. Not ready to let an opportunity to show their team spirit slide, they got decked out in their Seahawks apparel and posed for the camera! As a bonus, you’ll get to see all of our furry Hawks fans in action on the last page.

These dogs have the 12th Man spirit!


First up is Charlie! Charlie is a nine-year-old chocolate lab who loves food, football, and more food.  He’s been a Seahawks fan all of his life!

Charlie’s favorite player is #31, Kam “Bam Bam” Chancellor, as Charlie has been known to destroy coffee table tops with one swish of his always wagging tail!


Charlie has attended many a Super Bowl party during his nine years of life, and has decided that his favorite Super Bowl party food is anything that drops on the floor!

His Super Bowl predication is that the Seahawks win, 89 – 7. He may not understand all of the rules of the game, but he knows that balls are awesome for chewing and playing and that’s good enough for him!


Up next is a dog who is a BIG Seahawks fan…

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