Boaters Get Surprise Visit From Sea Lion While Feeding Pelicans

Sometimes, nature surprises us in the most entertaining ways. Whether it’s our own beloved pets or exotic animals that we rarely see far from home, the diversity of the animal kingdom and the surprising ways that creatures can interact with us will always be a source of amusement.

One group of boaters was lucky enough to not just have the encounter of a lifetime, but film and share it with the world on social media!

The video, shared by senior Sky News editor Tom Boadle, shows a charter boat in Cabo San Lucas, with a man feeding fish to pacific brown pelicans and magnificent frigate birds as they follow from the sky.


Already, this is quite an encounter — the birds are nimble enough to snatch the fish right out of his hand!

As the video continues, an uninvited guest makes his way onto the boat. A sea lion, with seemingly practiced ease, climbs up over the back of the boat and onto the side. There, he sticks his head into the fish box and eats up the rest of the boaters’ supply!

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After his short snack, the sea lion hops back into the water and leaves the men with no fish, but a great story to tell.


When Boadle shared the clip on Twitter, users were quick to share similar stories of sea lion hilarity, along with photos of the cuddly-looking creatures.

“He came, ate and conquered,” one user commented, with another adding, “so long and thanks for all the fish,” a reference to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Wildlife experts generally discourage feeding birds and sea lions from the coast, as this can lead them to get trapped in fishing lines or disrupt their natural habits. The boaters do the right thing when the sea lion climbs aboard (one man in the video can be heard telling the others to stand back and not interrupt his feeding), and fortunately, everyone left happy and unharmed.

Watch the full video below!

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