Senior Dog Isn’t Just A Survivor, He’s A Thriver!

Scratch may be a senior dog but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some spunk left in him. He’s still FULL of life and shining bright! His favorite thing to do is ride in a stroller so he can see the beautiful world around him. He loves to stick his little head out for treats and say hello to passersby. He also loves to wear his shades. This sweet senior dog is a Hurricane Katrina survivor! He wears his scars and experience proudly.

Senior animals have a lot to teach us. They’ve been around and have seen quite a bit, but they still have a spring in their step because they know just how special life truly is. Many senior animals are available for adoption and I think it’s important that they get the chance to live the remainder of their lives knowing they were apart of a loving family.

If you can, think about opening your heart and your home to a senior animal. There are many out there just waiting on someone as special as you!

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