Owners Pay $2,200 To Let Their Dogs Play At An Exclusive Indoor Park

New York City is home to 140 free dog runs, and yet, people are opting to pay $2,200 to let their dogs play at an exclusive indoor park.

According to the New York Post, Mariana Lucero chose the hefty price tag over the free options to allow her dog to be part of the exclusive pack of pups that play at the School for the Dogs.

Lucero made the decision after taking her mini Australian shepherd, Artie, to a free outdoor dog run and having a bad experience. She shared with the post that there was an unsupervised dog at the park who was bothering her pup, so she made the decision to never go back.

Photo: Unsplash/Izumi LaCorte

After that, she started the application process for the School Yard at School for the Dogs in the East Village.

The off-leash indoor play yard arranges exclusive play days for six pre-screened dogs. The dogs are under the supervision of both their owners and a trainer at all times, and each one must pass a somewhat rigorous application process to be accepted into the yard.

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Owners must take a test about the rules and etiquette of the play yard and submit a video of their dog interacting with other dogs in an off-leash setting. If they make it through that, then the owner and dog must pass an in-person interview.

Photo: Unsplash/Artem Beliaikin

Accepted dogs and their owners must pay $2,200 each year (or $200 per month) for five sessions at the play yard per month. It seems many owners are willing to pay the price to enjoy the security and safety that comes with such a controlled environment.

As it turns out, the School for the Dogs isn’t the only exclusive dog hang out in the city. The Ruff Club, a “dog-friendly social club,” meet in a century-old tavern. The space offers a dog-friendly environment to enjoy locally-roasted coffee and wifi.

The club requires each dog and its owner to meet specific criteria and boasts a yearly fee of $149, with daycare being offered for $40 per day.

Nearby in Brooklyn, there’s another exclusive dog play area that’s a bit more affordable, at $15 per two-hour session. The ACME Dog Run opened in 2019 and provides complimentary coffee and 4,000-square-feet of space for well-behaved dogs to run and socialize in.

Dogs must complete a trial session before being officially welcomed into the space as regular participants.

It seems there’s an option for all of the dogs and dog owners out there.

Would you ever try to get your dog into an exclusive doggy play yard? Let us know!

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