OMG, I Cried When I Watched Shoep’s Story

An extraordinary photograph gained national attention for illustrating the love between a dog and his human.  John Unger adopted Schoep at just 8 months old, rescuing him from an abusive situation and teaching him to love and trust once more.  The years passed and their friendship deepened. When Schoep become old and frail with arthritis, John would take him into the cool waters of Lake Superior, taking the weight off of the dog’s aching joints.  Schoep would lean into John to rest, and it was during one of those intimate moments that Hannah Stonehouse Hudson snapped the photo that rocked the animal world.

The photo went viral.  Fans who learned of his story donated to help give Schoep the most modern treatment, and he lived for one more year – one perfect year – with John.  Schoep passed away at an amazing 20 years old, beloved to the end.

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