A Cat Watching A Scary Movie Has The Most Epic Facial Expressions (EVER!)

When this cat’s human got creative and decided to record his cat while watching a scary movie, he hit the kitty jackpot! Facial expressions like this don’t come around everyday… And I promise you, you will be cracking up AND wondering why you hadn’t thought to do this yourself.

Cats are a treasure trove of funny. Whether they’re hunting bugs (that aren’t visible to the naked eye), jumping to heights they can’t exactly reach, or hiding in places you don’t understand… It’s no wonder people are crazy about felines. How can anyone not be? Cats are, what I consider, a goldmine of entertainment, even though they sleep two-thirds of their day.


Just wait until you see this cat! Her eyes grow HUGE with every eery bang and boom. I seriously can watch stuff like this all day long! What a character!

What’s your favorite scary movie? Do you watch it alone or with a buddy? I’m a big Hitchcock fan, myself! And next time, I’m watching “The Birds” with my cat. Hmmm, I wonder if she’ll like it…

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