Is Your Dog Afraid Of Storms? Read These 6 Tips!

A lot of dogs are completely terrified of thunderstorms, and, because they can sense the change in the barometric pressure, they often sense a storm approaching before you do. Some dogs become extremely anxious during severe weather, and resort to destructive behaviors like chewing, pacing, excessively panting, and barking.

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Is a storm coming your way? Don’t fret if you are expecting stormy weather, keep calm and read this list of 6 tips for keeping your dog calm during the storm.

1. Safe Room

Establish a safe area where your dog can go to when he’s feeling uncomfortable during the storm. A kennel with the door open or a small, comfortable room would work well. Ideally it will be a small area that blocks out light and noise. Think of it as your pet’s personal storm bunker. He will know that he can go there whenever he is uncomfortable with the weather and that he will be safe.

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2. Keep Doors Closed

Dogs can become spooked very easily during thunderstorms, and have been known to run away in panic after hearing the booming thunder and seeing the lightning. Don’t give your dog the ability to escape by making sure all doors and windows are closed. As always, make sure your dog has up-to-date tags at all times, in case he does find a way to run away during the storm.

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