Saving Budi: A Baby Orangutan Faces A Long Road To Recovery Because Of The Horrific Practices Of The Pet Trade

Budi is a beautiful young orangutan that is sadly suffering because of the pet trade. After spending most of his life trapped in a small cage, Budi is under-developed. He cannot sit on his own due to damaged joints, muscles and severe malnutrition. Just touching him hurts. He cannot sit up on his own or even extend his hands properly.

Luckily, Budi will get the help he needs, but he should not be in this situation in the first place. Laws that will end the pet trade, in countries like Indonesia, need to be in place and taken very seriously or Budi will be one of many. Sharing this video is the first step toward awareness. No animal should ever suffer as Budi has. Try not to let this video break your heart but rather lift you up, because Budi is finally where he needs to be: rescued and in loving arms.

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