Penelope’s Rescue Story

Eldad and Lisa from Hope for Paws were called in to help a sweet, homeless Pit Bull that desperately needed medical attention and some TLC. Like always, the two superheroes arrived, armed with their red leash and cheeseburgers.

Later named Penelope, the pup seemed extremely docile. Was she shy or was it more than that? Upon investigating further, it seemed she was hardly able to move. It was obvious that she was suffering and happy to know that help had finally arrived. She even licked the red leash, her way of saying: I approve! Let’s go!

Penelope was taken to a medical facility where she was given a soothing bath by Lisa, then checked over for any injuries she sustained. From there, she received all the medical help she needed and TONS OF LOVE!

Hope for Paws is an organization I am grateful for every single day. They go where many people won’t and help dogs that are in dire need of a second chance. Thank you so much, Hope for Paws! You are my heroes!

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