600 Sick and Emaciated Dogs In Greece Need Your Support To Survive

There are over 3 million stray dogs and cats in Greece, and the number continues to rise. Shelters and rescues are tirelessly working to spay and neuter and care for as many homeless pets as possible, but they can’t do it alone.

Angel’s Garden, a dog shelter in Xánthi, Greece, has over 120 sick and abandoned dogs in their care with hundreds more needing help in the area.

Photo: Facebook/Angels Garden

The shelter shared in a recent Facebook post, “The main principle of the shelter is for dogs in need to come and as soon as they are ready to look for homes. For almost half a year, there were only a few adoptions. Dogs have been trapped in the shelter so that we can not bring new dogs in need to the shelter.”

Greater Good Charities stepped up to help save roughly 600 malnourished dogs with health issues. The sick dogs range in age from newborn to senior and are suffering from parvo, mange, and hunger. They will need nutritious food and medical care for the best chance at survival.

Photo: Facebook/Angels Garden

These innocent dogs deserve a chance to experience love and live a full life. We need your help to save them.

Greater Good Charities is actively responding to this crisis. With the help of your donations, we’re working with Angel’s Garden to provide care and treatment to these 600 pups. Donate below to save these dogs.

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