Saturday’s Cat: Kuma

Saturday’s Cat of the Day was a Halloween surprise for her adoptive owner, Alexia. Read on to find out how Kuma (a.k.a. Black Bear) found her forever home!




One lovely October afternoon, one of my roommates and I had walked down to the bus stop to meet our third room mate. It was our daily walk, and we enjoyed catching up with one another. As we approached the house, we could hear a cat meowing. Figuring it was our Oni who had recently lost her dog and was very depressed, I looked at the front of the house to see what window she might be sitting in, but there was no Oni. Falling still, I realized that the meowing was coming from behind me, and turning around I saw a black kitten sitting on the sidewalk across the street.

I called to him, and he did not hesitate, running across the street (thank goodness it wasn’t a busy street), and letting me pick him up. He was content to let me scratch his ears until my roommate emerged to see what was happening. Then he leaped from my arms to run over and meet her.

It being the week before Halloween, there was no way we were leaving a black stray out on his own. Since we already had a cat, we took him immediately to the vet to check for FeLV/FIV. His tests came back clean, and we set to getting him acquainted slowly with our current cat. We decided to call him Kuma, the Japanese word for bear

After asking around, we discovered that he had been abandoned by some neighbors whose cat had a litter and had then they’d moved away leaving him to fend for himself.

When he lies in the sun, it becomes clear that, like the black bear, Kuma is not black but brown (with black stripes). He’s trouble, but he’s cute enough to get away with it. When maintenance workers come into the apartment, he likes to help, and his favorite place to sit is on whatever project we’re currently working on.

Seven years later as we prepare to celebrate another Halloween together, he is still the kitten in the family, still spry and active, and still winning our hearts.

Alexia Peter
San Jose, CA
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