Abandoned At Just A Week Old, Sassy’s Chance To Survive Was Smaller Than She Was

Finding a tiny kitten in your backyard sounds like the start to an adorable dream, but for Sassy and her adopted family, it was nearly a nightmare. The screaming kitten had been abandoned by her mother, possibly due to her incredibly small size. She wasn’t even old enough to open her eyes, and she had no way to feed herself or protect herself. The rescuers placed her age around one to two weeks, making her exceptionally vulnerable. Having gone days without food already, her prognosis was not positive.

Sassy’s saviors knew that saving her would be an uphill battle. Having starved for days, Sassy had to be fed every few hours around the clock for days. The lack of sleep paid off, and each day the tiny kitty, who weighed in at a little over 5 ounces, became a little more responsive, a little more interested in eating, and a little more affectionate.

It took days, but Sassy soon showed that she was strong enough to make it! With the constant feeding, warm bed, and as much affection as she could want, Sassy grew by 3 ounces in a week and continued to make massive strides with her recovery.

“It took a lot of work but she slowly got stronger. Her eyes opened up all the way and she started to walk better, too,” Sassy’s adopted human told Love Meow.

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Sassy also bonded with her new family’s dog, Molly, instantly. It’s clear to see that Sassy was excited for a new best friend, and the added support and love just made Sassy’s recovery that much easier.

Now Sassy is not only healthy and incredibly affectionate to her new family, she’s also becoming a star! Her Instagram, sassy_kitten_711 has documented her journey from day one.

It’s pretty clear that Sassy is going to lead a very happy life. Her parents spoil her constantly, as does the rest of their family. Sassy isn’t just a star on Instagram; she’s the star of her family’s day, every day.

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