This Rescue Dog Was Terrified Of Human Contact. Now, She Can’t Stop Giving Kisses!

Sassy, a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix, was found living in a field with a group of dogs. Since she was already with many dogs, she was extremely social with them, but it was clear that she had spent little to no time with humans. When she was rescued, she didn’t even want to be touched. She was terrified and avoided human contact at all costs.

She was place in a foster home, but they knew they had to do something to help her socialize better with people. That’s when she went to live at a training facility where she received one-on-one attention with a trainer.

After spending time with her trainer, she allowed him to pet her, walk her on the leash, bathe her, and teach her commands. She has come a long way and is now a very sweet and friendly dog.

Luckily, Sassy has been adopted! The dog who was once terrified of being touched can’t stop giving kisses now!

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